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Alone. Alienated. Anxious.

  • Do you often feel like that? Does life have a way of beating you down?
  • There's so much pain and suffering in the world. Do you feel it all?

It's hard for you to blind yourself from it. It goes all the way into your body and weighs you down.

You don't feel okay.

People tell you not to worry or they think you're being oversensitive. But you know instinctively
something isn't right. You feel anxious and depressed. You keep getting sick but don't know why.

You've probably tried many different treatments with little or no results.

Until now…

TOLPAKAN™ Healing Light medicine
Superpower for sensitive souls

What is the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method?

A three-step light medicine system intricately designed to remove negative and unwanted energetic forces, and activate healing at your deepest level.

Empower yourself to effectively treat symptoms such as chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and restlessness, allergies and other body intolerances, and so much more, using light medicine.



Master your connection to your higher self and Divine Source


Target your healing right where it's needed using Divine Muscle Testing™.


Restore balance and vitality using powerful TOLPAKAN™ healing frequencies.

Life Reawakened

“My client, Kevin, had a severe stricture from Crohns Disease. The Doctors said he needed an operation. I used TOLPAKAN healing on him. One week later the Doctors couldn't find the stricture. He's now a happy and strong young man!”

Energy Healer and Founder, Abundant Shift

How Energy Works

The science of quantum theory proves everything in the entire universe is made up of energy.

Energy exists in all you can see, and all you can't. Non-physical energetic forces are constantly at play both internally and externally.

It often leads to various negative mental and physical symptoms if left unchecked.

Highly sensitive people are affected most.

Light medicine is used to target and clear negative or blocked energy from your mind, body, and the environment.

It works by getting to the root source of your energetic blocks and interferences and working with your higher-self and Divine Source to clear and restore your life force.

Hi. I'm Dr. Karen.

I'm a qualified Medical Doctor. I've always been called to health and healing. But when I was at my worst, I didn't seek conventional medicine…

It took a lot of hard life lessons for me to recognize I'm a sensitive soul.

What does that mean?

Well, for me it means I'm highly sensitive to light, sounds, smells, everything really. I became so unwell. I didn't know then my body and mind were completely overwhelmed and stressed out because of these sensitivities. My marriage fell apart. I was burnt out. I developed fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and depression.

I hit rock bottom. It was a gift.


My Mission

I want to empower you to harness the power within you. To transform your sensitivity into your very own SUPERPOWER.

Your sensitivity is a gift. All you need to do is learn how to use it for your greatest good, and for the good of humanity, mother earth, and beyond.

Life Reawakened

“As a psychic and medium, I've had many years of experience dealing with all sorts of negative entities attached to or affecting my clients. I've also known many energy healers. After meeting Dr. Karen, it was clear her Source-directed healing is extremely powerful. In fact, I told her her vibration was so high, it was impossible for an entity to attach to her. There aren't too many healers I've met I can say that about. Her program is extremely high vibrational and really works.”

Psychic and Medium, Founder of the Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts.

How the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Level 1 Training Program works

This in-depth training program will give you the knowledge and tools to communicate with Divine Source using my unique Divine Muscle Testing System.

Master how to decode the root cause of your symptoms and activate powerful light medicine to heal.



Learn how to use the muscles in your body to receive “yes” or “no” answers from Divine Source. The muscles in your body will either hold fast or subtly retract or experience an energy “glitch”, depending on whether the answer is yes or no. It's a simple technique, easily mastered with practice and attention.


The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method will guide you on specific commands to communicate with Divine Source to activate healing, clear energetic blocks, removing negative energy, and restore divine, loving light.


Activate light medicine to targeted areas clearly revealed to you by Divine Source.

Use TOLPAKAN™ Healing to assess and measure the healing results using Divine Muscle Testing.

Clarity. Calm. Comfort. Control.

  • Unlock your inner power to deeply heal
  • Learn your sensitive soul type
  • Discover your healing type and spiritual responsibility
  • Uncover your souls mission in this lifetime
  • Align your highest self with divine light, love, and truth
  • Clear blocks and external forces hindering your healing
  • Restore and strengthen your energetic boundaries
  • Develop a reliable system to receive source guidance
  • Manifest your future by aligning your vision with Divine Source
  • Remove all barriers to your alignment with Divine Source
  • Activate the Universal Shield and elevate your light to protect yourself from entity interference
  • Download and activate positive morphic fields – love, peace, joy and oneness
  • Clear and heal multiple timelines
Life Reawakened

“I'm no longer sick all the time. My allergies are gone. My energy is back to where it was 30 years ago, and my boyfriend notices how much happier I am. My newfound energy has changed my whole life. I can't thank Karen enough.”

 From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $1999

Sold Out

Is this program right for you?

  • You're highly sensitive and affected by other people and your environment.
  • You're dedicated to your wellness and want to activate your inner healing power.
  • You want to harness your superpowers and make a positive impact on the planet.

Program Inclusions

Core components

  • 12 TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Training Modules
  • Over 55 TKH Method Guides Training Videos
  • TKH Method Guide 1 PDF – Guide to removing negative energy
  • TKH Method Guide 2 PDF – Guide to downloading positive energy
  • TKH Method Guide 3 PDF – Guide to deciphering messages from Source
  • 12-month subscription to the Light Warrior Revolution TKH Masterclasses for $1 – a different topic each month recorded as well as LIVE Q&A and mini-healings with Dr. Karen (Value over $1000)
  • Lifetime access to online course material and guides (including energetic updates!)
  • Facebook Community Group: Regular mini-healings, and bonuses from Dr. Karen. 24/7 support from your fellow students. 

A living, breathing Master Program

** Energy always shifts and changes. So does this living program. The healing guides included are regularly charged with the latest energetic frequencies. You receive lifetime access to upgrades when you purchase. **

Life Reawakened

“Now, when I experience a challenging moment I can seek the answers within. And, what's amazing is Dr. Karen has equipped me with the right questions to ask so I can receive the answers I need.”

Do you want to know…

Who you are?


Your soul mission?


How connected you are to your Higher
Self and Divine Source?


Where your imbalances are
and how to realign them?


How your ancestry and geography are
affecting you and your health and wellbeing?


How your current relationships are
impacting your health?

 From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $1999

The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Level 1 Training Program will reveal all of this and so much more.

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