S20: Virginia Rounds Griffiths (A) - Catapult Your Creativity

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S20: Virginia Rounds Griffiths (A) - Catapult Your Creativity

  • Vavavoom!!! Powerful Quantum Field -7 Energy Center Cleanse - MP3
  • Empower Your Throat - MP3
  • Pure Heart Expansion - MP3
  • Creative Sacral - MP3
  • Infinity Breath - MP3
  • Vagus Nerve - MP3
  • Major Energy Center Repair and Reinforcement of your Life Force - Group Call
  • Freedom from Limiting Belief Programs - Recorded Group Call
  • Opening your Freedom of Speech Centre - Recorded Group Call
  • Releasing your Inhibitions of Pleasure and Create with Joy - Recorded Group Call
  • Expand and Open your Sacred Heart to Source - Recorded Group Call
  • Connect to the Private Facebook Group
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