Rapid Fat Loss at Quantum Speed:
The Secret to Losing Weight & Keeping it Off!

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On this Master Class You Will:

  • Discover why nearly 40% of American adults are clinically overweight (it is NOT what you think)
  • Understand why you are having a hard time losing weight and keeping it off (it is NOT your fault)

  • Learn the secret to help you lose weight without all the hassle and fad diets

  • Understand why even If you tried every diet plan out there, you still can't seem to lose the weight (it is NOT what you are eating)
  • Learn the #1 cause of losing weight and gaining it back
  • Experience a mini ENERGETIC Liposuction

  • And much, much MORE...

Meet your host Eram Saeed & Dawn Crystal

Eram is the founder of From Heartache to Joy, a global telesummit series, featuring the top global leaders, focused on giving you cutting edge techniques in the human potential movement so you have a healthy and more fulfilled life! She’s also the founder of the Journey of Joy Foundation, a Global initiative, launched to eradicate crimes against women. She can definitely help you reduce suffering and experience joy, freedom, and peace! 

Dipal Shah is an International Speaker, Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Medical Intuit. From a pharmaceutical, biochemistry, and business background, she has transformed her life from an often stressful career on a path that brought her to an awakened spiritual journey of healing. Through her journey she not only learned to heal herself, but to bring awakening and healing energy to many lives.

Her private sessions and programs touches the foundation of the body, psychological and physical levels and bring awakening and healing energy to her clients. She uses energetic technique for healing and balances every organ, gland, and system in the body. Her guidance connects to the body as a whole as she dives deep within the body to release and dissipate any emotional and physical blockages. Her mission is to help release the pain, illness, and disease that holds anyone back from discovering and achieving their true purpose in life. Her technique brings instant release of balance to her clients as this is truly her specialty.

She has helped many people of all ages including Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Business men and women, Hollywood stars, Healers, and Alternative Healing Practitioners and young infants and children and even the pets.

Her life's motto is: "Balance your body, balance your mind, and the rest will align"


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  • From Heartache to Joy

    “From 267 lbs, I’m down 66 lbs... I went from a size 24 to a size 14.”

  • From Heartache to Joy

    “Entire body went limp, I felt like Jello..Lost 10 lbs”

  • From Heartache to Joy

    “I lost 40 lbs and my cravings diminished”

  • From Heartache to Joy

    “No more reflux and back pain”

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